Studio Information

Studio Facilities & Equipment:

Our ever expanding list of world-class gear includes - 

  • Pro Tools HD System Running on Mac Pro
  • Apogee Analog/Digital Converters
  • Mic Pre's by Rupert Neve, API, Great River, SSL and Malcolm Toft
  • Compressor/ Limiters by Urei, Universal Audio, Chandler Limited, Alan Smart, DBX, SSL and SPL
  • POD HD Rack, Reverbs and Mastering Units
  • 'In The Box' Plug-Ins by Slate Digital, Line 6, Sonnox, Brainworks, Waves, SoundToys, SPL, TC Electronic, Focusrite, Lexicon, IK Multimedia, Steven Slate Drums, Native Instruments, Celemony and many more
  • An expansive array of microphones including Neumann, Korby, SE Electronics, Earthworks, AKG, Electrovoice, Shure and Royer


  • Genelec 8050 + 7060 Sub
  • Pro Ac Studio 100
  • Yamaha NS10
  • Urei 815c
  • ATC


  • Mapex drum kit complete with meinl cymbals & various snare drums (SJC custom kit available to use upon request)
  • Fender, Gibson, PRS and Taylor Guitars
  • Multiple Keyboards
  • Mesa, Vox, EV, Rivera and Blackstar Amplification

The studio also has a kitchen, restroom and lounge area, with WiFi