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Previous & Current Clients:

Big Big Train
Nikki J. Williams 
George Wilding
A Formal Horse
Spock's Beard
Steve Thorne
BBC South
Globus Journeys


"An expert in the Prog field, Rob is one of the premier guys you want to be recording with."
Tony Levin

"I have had the chance to record at Aubitt Studios many times over the years and I can honestly say that it is a great place to record. Rob really knows what he is doing, has great gear (he's always buying more!), has a great ear, and gets amazing results. I have also had the pleasure to tour with Rob many times. Rob is the Front of House engineer for my band Spock's Beard and I would recommend him for any size gig. Everything I said about him in the studio goes equally for him at a live gig. I have seen him jump into the worst of situations (a console without enough inputs, broken things, general messed up stuff ) and the band/ audience never knows. He makes it work and that is what counts. As you can probably tell I have much respect for Mr. Aubrey. Using him on the road or using his studio you can't go wrong."
Nick D'Virgilio - NDV/ Spock's Beard/ Cirque Du Soleil

"Rob, I have only fond memories of or time together with John Wetton! You always kept the ship on course, despite the technical handicaps and occasional Taifuns! Short painless soundchecks but big sounds everywhere we played!"
Thomas Lang

 “Aubitt studios has that rare combination of total professionalism coupled with a relaxed, stress-free environment where you can just get on with with the job at hand. With Rob Aubrey at the helm, you know you are always in safe hands. His calm manner and expert knowledge helps create interesting, successful music and all without breaking the bank.”
Matt Crossey - Working Class Records

"I'm very picky when it comes to the sound of my drums.  I've spent countless hours experimenting with different heads and tunings looking for the perfect drum sound.  When you've spent so long making your drums sound good live the last thing you want is an engineer who just shoves whatever mics he has left on your kit wherever he can fit them. Rob is as passionate about engineering and recording as I am about drumming.  Having spent most of his life working towards getting the best sound possible I know I can always trust him to make my drums sound their best. "
Joe Crabtree - Drummer

"Great Sounds, Great Price, Great insults"
Deano the Saxman

"Without a doubt, Rob's mixes are the most professional sounding of any recordings I have done in 20 years of working in the industry.  My first choice everytime"
Jason Knight

"I've always enjoyed working with you at aubitt; a happy, comfortable environment. You always find a great sound for my cello and tracking them up is invariably without problems.
Your intuitive understanding of what I need in terms of cues and drop-ins etc. includes a rare appreciation of my musical lexicon (ie complete filth). I'm looking forward to my next visit."
Hugh McDowell

"Pendragon always chooses to work with Rob Aubrey, cos we ain't got no frikkin choice. Rob works with the upmost diligence and application and is an utter utter utter pain in the arse. He is a cheerful member of the crew who always arrives at work with a grumpy look on his face and is second to none when it comes to winding people up. We couldn't work with anyone but Rob, because on long boring tour journeys we so desperately need someone to bait."
Nick Barrett  - Pendragon

"I love Rob! It's very unusual for someone to be both a great live sound engineer and a great studio engineer, but Rob's one of those guys. He instinctively knows what works and what doesn't work either on stage or on a recorded track, he's very well versed in the most modern digital technology and makes his work seem effortless. He's done a fantastic job for us on a couple of the Spock's Beard live CDs as well as our live DVD, and we'll be utilising Rob's talents for as long into the future as he can put up with us."
Dave Meros - Spock's Beard

"Rob Aubrey is one of the best mixing guys I've ever worked with. Besides making great choices and having really good sonic taste, he's a lot of fun as well, which is very important when you are couped up together working on a project for a long period of time."
Neal Morse - Transatlantic and Spock's Beard

"You would think listening was a basic requirement in the music industry, not so. But, Rob is different. He takes a genuine interest in understanding what you are trying to accomplish before the project begins.  At planning stage he quickly became a valuable member of our team. Rob was able to co-ordinate various media situations; including external DVD filming, studio voice overs and even media professionals when ours let us down! The results exceeded our expectations.”
Anthony Haikney - TransOcean Distribution